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places to visit in sundarban

Find the best places to visit in Sundarban and things to do in the Sunderban National Park and its surroundings, where you have the opportunity to see rare and endangered species.

Sajnekhali|Sajnekhali Watch Tower

This watchtower is the most popular among all watchtowers due to its proximity to most resorts in the Sundarban area. This place also serves as the central office of the forestry department. Permission is required to enter the Sundarban Tiger Reserve only from here. The watchtower can accommodate 20 people at a time. The main attractions of this region are the Mangrove Interpretation Center, a Bono Bibi temple, crocodile park. The tourist lodge of the  Department of Tourism, west Bengal is also located in Sajnekhali. This watchtower makes exploring the desert fun and easy. Especially, bird lovers get a special spectacle of birdlife species such as pelicans, kingfishers, plovers, lap wings, white-bellied sea eagle, whimprel, curfew and Sandpipers.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Most tigers are seen from the Sudhanyakhali watch tower. The watchtower can accommodate 25 people at a time. There is a pond with fresh water behind the watch tower where wild animals used to come and drink water. Behind the pond are tracts of land devoid of vegetation where animals can be seen from a distance. In addition to tigers, other wildlife species such as crocodiles, wild boars and axis deer can also be observed.

Dobanki Watch Tower and Jungle Canopy

This watchtower represents a canopy walk that a tourist can take to see the fascinating flora and fauna. This canopy walk is about half a kilometer long and about 20 feet high from the ground. There is also a freshwater pond where tourists can also observe Bahmini kites and Chital deer In addition to tigers.

Netidhopani Watch Tower

This watchtower is associated with the famous story of Lakhindari and Behula. It is said that at the right end of the forest, there is a road built by King Pratap Aditya to protect the coastal area.

The tower can accommodate 20 people at a time offering visitors the view of the ruins of this ancient Shiva temple, along with opportunities to detect tigers and also encompasses a freshwater lake in the vicinity. Netidhopani has a tigers watch tower and a temple that is approximately 400 years old.

Bhagatpur Crocodile Project

The Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project in Sundarban has recently become an important tourist destination for the Sundarban. This is the only crocodile project in West Bengal and is located next to Lothian Island and on the shore of the Saptamukhi estuary. This area is an abode of the largest estuary crocodiles. It encompasses a famous hatchery and sanctuary, making it a very popular tourist charm in Sundarban. Although this place is easily accessible through Namkhana, it can also be visited from Sajnekhali.


Kalash Island, in South 24 Parganas, is part of the Sundarbans National Park that is located in the Matla River estuary. Being outside the central Sundarbans area, visitors with armed guards can go down to the seashore.

During winters, it is the breeding ground of Olive Ridley turtles that arrive in large numbers to this beach to nest.

Kalash Island is also home to many varieties of shorebirds and is especially an excellent place to spot unusual wading birds. The Great Curlew Stone or Great Thick-knee (Esacus recurvirostris) is spotted on the beach.

Boat access to this beautiful beach is usually done from the Kalash camp of the Forest Department. A visit to Kalash Island combines the experience of the Sundarbans with bird watching. There is no lodging option in this camp, however, a trip will be made on a trip of 3 nights or 4 nights.

Burirdabri watchtower or Burir Dabri

The Burirdabri or Burir Dabri watchtower allows visitors to see Bangladesh Sunderbans from the Indian side. A mud walk and a mangrove cage path that leads to a viewpoint generally known as the Raimongal viewpoint. The watchtower has a beautiful design, where you walk over the wooden bridges through the mud cage and arrive at the wooden watchtower to look at Bangladesh. Terrestrial fauna consisting of snails, varieties of crabs and mollusks can be observed closely during the mud walk. This watchtower has the capacity to deal with 10 folks at a time.

This is again, a watchtower, which is ignored by tour operators and tourists, due to its distance from the Sajnekhali / Pakhiralaya / Jamespur space. It is an unmissable watchtower in Sundarbans.


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